OneChart by Cerner Corporation gives physicians access to critical patient information. OneChart will be the only application physicians need to view necessary patient information and to see patient test results. As clinical information systems are replaced and expanded at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, new functionality will be automatically available to physicians.

Physicians can view patient information and results at the nursing stations and in physician lounges. Physicians can also view patient information and results over the Internet in the office or at home. New I-Chain server technology allows remote users to access secured clinical applications within the Methodist Le Bonheur information systems network. This technology gives physicians and their office staff easy and convenient access to necessary information to improve practice efficiency, reduce physicians' time tracking down patient information, and improve physicians' ability to make better clinical decisions.

OneChart for physician access is a result of collaborative efforts between Health Choice and Methodist Healthcare Information Systems. This effort leverages the strengths of each organization to make oneChart available faster to medical staff and physician offices. Health Choice reaches out to physician offices to ensure timely access to patient information in the practice setting. Methodist Healthcare provides the processes and measures to ensure security of protected patient information.

For more information about oneChart for physician access, call the Physician Help Desk at 901.516.3111.

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