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LEB Asthma Assessment-Treatment-043005-QM0211 Ver2 050311 043005-QM0211 Ver2 050311
LEB ED Acute Suspected Bleeding with Hx of Hemophilia Plan 40533 PP QM1009 Rev031816 40533 PP QM1009
LEB ED Altered Mental Status Plan-PP-40519-QM0908-Rev031816 PP-40519-QM0908
LEB ED Amputation Minor Plan 40520 PP QM0109 Rev101017 40520 PP QM0109
LEB ED Asthma Plan 40505 QM0109 PP Rev10031 40505 PP QM0109
LEB ED Children's Intestinal Rehab Center LeBonheur (CIRCLE) Fever Plan 40545 PP QM0515 Rev100317 40545 PP QM0515
LEB ED Dehydration Plan-40510-PP-QM0908-Rev031816 40510-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Diagnostic Xray Orders-40530-QM0109-050613 40530-QM0109
LEB ED Dyspnea Plan-40521-PP-QM0109-Rev051316 40521-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Eye Problems Plan-40523 QM0109 PP Rev 40523-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Facial Laceration Plan-40524-PP-QM0109-041513 40524-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Febrile Neonate Plan 40504 PP QM0908 Rev102814 40504-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Hx of DKA w Hyperglycemia Plan 40503 PP QM0908 Rev041516 40503-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Hx of VP Shunt Plan-40529-PP-QM0109-041513 40529-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Ingestion Plan-40527-PP-QM0109-Rev031816 40527-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Intrapartum Postpartum Plan 40536-PP-QM0811Rev031816 40536-PP-QM0811
LEB ED Joint Aspirations Plan-40513-PP-QM0908-050613 40513-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Non Critical Trauma Plan 40526 PP QM0109 Rev101017 40526-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Psychiatric Symptoms Plan -40515-PP-QM-0908 40515-PP-QM-0908
LEB ED Respiratory Sx w-o Hx of Asthma 40528-PP-QM0109 Rev031816 40528-PP-QM0109
LEB ED RSI Plan -40516-PP-QM-0908 40516-PP-QM-0908
LEB ED Sepsis Plan 40542-PP-QM0614-Rev031816 40542-PP-QM0614
LEB ED Sickle Cell History with Fever Plan 40508 PP QM0908 Rev031816 40508-PP-QM-0908
LEB ED Sickle Cell Hx with Pain Plan 40506 PP QM0808 Rev041816 40506-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Sore Throat Plan -40517 PP QM0908 Rev033116 40517 PP QM0908
LEB ED Status Epilepticus Plan 40550 PP QM0713 Rev031816 40550 PP QM0713
LEB ED Suspected Stroke Plan 40538 PP QM0316 Rev051016 40538 PP QM0316
LEB ED Suspected Stroke with Hx of Sickle Cell Disease Plan 40539 PP QM40539 Rev051016 40539 PP QM40539
LEB ED Syncope Plan 40518 PP QM0908 Rev061416 40518-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Testicular Torsion Plan-40541-PP-QM0113 Rev051316 40541-PP-0113
LEB ED Trauma Major Plan-40525 PP QM0109 Rev031816 40525-PP-QM0109
LEB ED Vaginal_Penile Discharge_Pain-40514-PP-QM0908 Rev031816 40514-PP-QM0908
LEB ED Vomiting-Diarrhea Plan -40511-PP-QM0908 Rev031816 40511-PP-QM-0908
LEB Initial ED Testicular Torsion Plan-40541-PP-0113-041613 40541-PP-0113
Procedural Sedation Plan 40509 PP QM0908 Rev122414 40509-PP-QM0908
SJ ED Guidelines Hemophilia SJ ED Guidelines Hemophilia










LEB NICU Abdominal Anomalies Plan 41408 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41408-PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Congenital Heart Disease Plan 41404 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41404 PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Cooling Therapy Plan-41416-PP-QM0612 072012 41416-PP-QM0612
LEB NICU Discharge Preparation Plan-41414 PP-QM-0910 41414 PP-QM-0910
LEB NICU Gastrointestinal Obstruction Plan 41409 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41409 PP-QM1208
LEB NICU General Admit Plan 41401 QM1108 PP Rev112718 41401 PP-QM1108
LEB NICU Genetic Workup Plan 41403 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41403-PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Hyperkalemia Plan 41420 PP QM0413 123014 41420 PP QM0413
LEB NICU Jaundice Plan 41413 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41413 PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Miscellaneous-41402 PP-QM-1108 41402 PP-QM-1108
LEB NICU Necrotizing Entercolitis Plan 41410 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41410 PP-QM1208
LEB NICU PDA Ligation Post Op-41405 PP-QM-1208 41405 PP-QM-1208
LEB NICU PDA Ligation Pre Op Plan 41406 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41406 PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Quick Admit Plan-41415-PP-QM0514-061714 41415-PP-QM0514
LEB NICU Renal Anomalies Plan 41411 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41411-PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Respiratory-41412-QM-1208 41412-QM-1208
LEB NICU Sepsis Plan 41407 PP QM1208 Rev102814 41407 PP-QM1208
LEB NICU Whole Body Cooling_Rewarming-40724-PP-QM0513-Rev010516 40724-PP-QM0513
LEB Nitric Oxide Initiation Plan 41916 QM0910 PP Rev051518 41916 QM0910 PP
LEB Transfusion 4 Months of Age or Greater Plan 41106 QM0109 PP Rev111318 41106 PP-QM-0109
LEB Transfusion Less Than 4 Months of Age Plan 41107 QM0109 PP Rev111318 41107 PP-QM-0109
Neonatal Ventilator Weaning Guidelines









LEB Ambulatory Surg H&P and Immediate Post Op Note 2017 22007- QM0417
LEB Anesthesia Dental Post Op Plan 42801 QM1008 PP Rev101618 42801 PP-QM-1008
LEB GEN SURG Admit Plan 42003 QM0209 PP Rev103018 42003 PP-QM-0209
LEB GEN SURG Appendicitis Admit-42004 PP-QM-0209 42004 PP-QM-0209
LEB GEN SURG Bariatric SDS Pre Op Plan 42028 QM1018 PP 112018 42028 QM1018 PP
LEB GEN SURG Bariatric Surgery Discharge Instructions Plan 42031 QM1018 PP 112018 42031 QM1018 PP
LEB GEN SURG Bariatric Surgery POD 1 Plan 42030 QM1018 PP 112018 42030 QM1018 PP
LEB GEN SURG Bariatric Surgery Post Op Plan 42029 QM1018 112018 42029 QM1018
LEB GEN SURG Burn Admit Plan 42005 QM0209 PP Rev091917 42005 PP QM0209
LEB GEN SURG Discharge Instructions Plan 42019 QM1210 PP Rev103018 42019 PP-QM1210
LEB GEN SURG Esphogeal Foreign Body Plan 42006 QM0209 PP Rev103018 42006 PP-QM-0209
LEB GEN SURG Gastrostomy Tube Post op Day 1 Plan 42026 PP QM0915 Rev061416 42026 PP QM0915
LEB GEN SURG Gastrotomy Tube Post op Plan 42025 PP QM0915 Rev061416 42025 PP QM0915
LEB GEN SURG Pectus Discharge Instructions Plan 42022 QM0911 PP Rev103018 42022 PP QM0911
LEB GEN SURG Pectus Excavatum POD 1 42011 QM0309 PP Rev103018 42011 PP QM0309
LEB GEN SURG Pectus Excavatum POD 2 Plan-42012 PP-QM1008 Rev0614165 42012 PP-QM1008
LEB GEN SURG Pectus Excavatum Post Op Plan 42010 QM0309 PP Rev103018 42010 PP-QM0309
LEB Gen Surg Post Op Plan 42018 QM1210 PP Rev103018 42018-PP-QM1210
LEB GEN SURG Pyloric Discharge Instructions-42007 PP-QM-0209 42007 PP-QM-0209
LEB GEN SURG Pyloric Stenosis Admit Plan 42009 QM0209 PP Rev103018 42009 PP-QM-0209
LEB GEN SURG Pyloric Stenosis Post Op Plan 42008 PP QM0209 Rev061416 42008 PP QM0209
LEB GEN SURG Trauma Admit Plan 42016 QM0810 PP Rev103018 42016-PP-QM0810
LEB General Surgery Burn Postop Plan-42020 QM-1210 42020 QM-1210
LEB Oral Maxillofacial Post Op Plan 42901 QM1108 PP Rev103018 42901 PP-QM1108
LEB Oral Maxillofacial Pre Op Plan 42902 QM1108 PP Rev102918 42902 PP-QM-1108
LEB SDS General Post Op Plan 42001 QM0209 PP Rev103018 42001 PP-QM-0209
LEB SDS General Pre Op Plan 42002 QM0209 PP Rev091917 42002 PP QM0209
LEB Suction Rectal Biopsy Plan 42017 QM0810 PP Rev103018 42017 PP-QM-1210



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