Mobile App Standards

This centralized resource was set up in order to avoid duplication of resources, to ensure consistency of quality and user interface/experience and to be sure branding guidelines are followed. Questions? Email us at

Steps to getting your idea for a mobile app for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare evaluated:

  1. Click here to fill out the online application.
  2. Meet and work with the Methodist Le Bonheur Web team.
  3. Preview app with appropriate departments that may include risk management, legal, compliance.
  4. Submit iOS apps through the appropriate license administrator.

All apps must meet the following criteria:

  • Support the Methodist Le Bonheur goals.
  • Provide a unique function related to Methodist Le Bonheur.
  • Should make life easier and provide a useful benefit to Associates, providers, patients and/or the community.
  • If healthcare related, improve healthcare delivery.
  • If patient directed, engage patients in their own health and well-being management.

*Methodist Le Bonheur iOS apps may only be submitted to Apple under the Methodist Le Bonheur license.

Tips for a successful app:

  • Research what your intended user group would find useful before developing the app.
  • Check to see if apps already exist that are similar to your idea.
  • Keep app focused on a few features; less is more.
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