New Medical Technology

The Clinical Standards Committee (CSC), a sub-committee of the Medical Executive Committee, reviews and approves requests for new medical technology.  Physicians interested in using new technology must submit a request to the Medical Devices Management Committee.  MDMC is advisory to CSC and presents its recommendations and supporting information to the CSC regarding new or substantially similar medical technology, equipment, or supplies.  MDMC oversees the acquisition of new medical devices, equipment and supplies, as well as the oversight and management of existing devices.

The New Medical Technology process establishes guidelines to ensure high quality care, to preserve patient safety, and to ensure adherence to state and federal laws as well as other regulatory standards of practice. 

The request process for new medical technology is internal to Methodist.  Physicians should contact their Department Director for detailed information on the application process.

(Note: The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee reviews new drugs and medications.)

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