Physician Support

Cornerstone Learning Management System

How to Access the LMS


Select the option that fits your role and follow the login instructions below.

All MLH Licensed Independent Practitioners

  • Non-employed Providers who have privileges (
    Note: the login screen has an image for Children’s Hospital Association.  This is the correct site for providers not employed by MLH, regardless of your specialty.
    • Your username is LB, your 6-digit ID#, followed by r or p (for example, lb123456p) or, your username is first initial of first name, first initial of last name, your 6-digit ID#, followed by r or p (for example, jd123456p)

    • Your temporary password is Success45. You will be asked to reset your password. If you have already changed your password, use your updated password.

You can access the LMS to complete items on your transcript, register for new courses and events, view your calendar and view/print your transcript.


  • Logging into Cornerstone - Help Desk: 516-0000
  • Clinical content - Ellen Vautrot: 516-8736
  • Annual system mandatory courses -  Posey Cochrane: 516-8732
  • Leadership classes - Marti Polk: 516-8730 or email or call 901-516-2344
  • Cerner training for physicians and physician like roles - Help Desk: 901-516-3111


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