HealthChoice Care Management Programs

Physicians are often faced with patients who need additional resources and time. As such, HealthChoice is now working with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) Associates and their families covered under the MLH medical plan to help improve their health status and keep them well. HealthChoice is currently offering two Care Management programs to help you better meet the expanding needs of your patients, help your patients understand and manage their medical conditions, and to help them in navigating the healthcare system. Both programs are free of charge to MLH medical plan participants and will be held at times to accommodate their work schedules.

Diabetes Management Program

If your patient has diabetes, they may need to learn how to better manage it. We provide resources, tools, and support to help MLH Associates manage their condition on a daily basis, avoid complications, and adjust to the impact diabetes has on their life and emotions. This program is flexible and is customized to their specific needs.

Through this FREE program, your patients will learn:

  • Techniques to deal with the physical and emotional issues that arise from their condition
  • Exercises to help them maintain and improve their strength and endurance
  • Tips for healthy eating
  • The best way to take their medicine
  • How to avoid complications

This program is being offered to all Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Associates.

Complex Care Management Program

Managing a family’s personal health situation can be challenging, even for those who work in healthcare. We understand that Associates and their family members often need extra help navigating the healthcare system when faced with multiple chronic conditions, frequent hospitalizations, or a limited ability to perform basic daily functions due to physical and psychosocial challenges. HealthChoice is pleased to offer an option.

The HealthChoice Complex Care Management Program provides customized support for their specific health needs, enabling them to attain the highest level of health and functionality possible. The program is flexible to better manage their social, behavioral, and medical needs.

Care managers, social workers, and pharmacists work closely with you, the patient, their families, other treating physicians, and community resources to help them reach their health goals.

Associates in the Complex Care Management Program will receive:

  • Face-to-face assessments of their needs
  • Customized care planning
  • Coordination of care with primary care physicians, specialty physicians, social workers and pharmacists
  • Service coordination with community resources
  • On-going support as needed up to a year
  • Patient and caregiver engagement and education

This program is being offered to all Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Associates and their spouses and/or adult dependents.

How we can work together:

As your partner, we share a mutual goal of improving outcomes for your patients. We aim to offer assistance and encouragement to your patients to take charge of their health through enrollment in these programs. You can help us achieve this by:

  • Referring Methodist Associates and their families to appropriate programs.
  • Communicating with us; tell us what you and your patients need.
  • Partnering with HealthChoice to improve patient health, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction.

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