Duo Two-Factor Authentication (Duo 2FA) enrollment has started and must be completed before April 30, 2018

You can now enroll in Duo 2FA by visiting my2FA or clicking the “Enroll Duo 2FA” link below “My Apps.” Remember, Duo 2FA will be used for all access to clinical systems outside the MLH networks (e.g. home, private clinics, the MLH GUEST network, etc.). Enrollment will take less than 5 minutes and only needs to be completed once. Users not enrolled by April 30 will not be able to access clinical systems from outside the MLH network until they have completed enrollment.

MLH has chosen a vendor called Duo to provide our 2FA services.  Currently, over 2000 MLH associates are using Duo, including many physician pilot users.  We have received very positive feedback on ease-of-use.  Initial enrollment is very easy.

What is NOT affected?  Access from MLH computers on MLH networks are not included in this project.  If a user is “locked out” after April 30, he or she need only call the Help Desk at 516-3111 to gain a temporary access code to allow access.  Similarly, if an enrolled user needs access quickly and is away from their preferred authentication device, the Help Desk can enable access 24/7.

Enroll in Duo 2FA by visiting m2FA.

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